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Embedded Engineering

Systems Engineering – from requirements management and specification development to detailed engineering and verification testing, Systems Engineering is the glue that brings complex systems to life and provides reliable performance in the real world.

Electrical – A wide range of Electrical Engineering capabilities, including, but not limited to, analog and digital hardware circuit design, digital signal processing (DSP), embedded microprocessors, FPGA development, PCB design, low power optimization, controllers, sensor modules, and more.

Software – embedded 8, 16 and 32 bit firmware, Linux, multiple software languages, Android applications, User Interface (UI) display software, data acquisition, algorithms, and more.

Control Systems – motor and motion control, PID, adaptive and learning control feedback systems, algorithms, sound systems, test equipment and more.

Sensor Integration

Sensors are being used in various systems, but integrating them within the electrical and mechanical parameters is a cautious job.We have worked with multiple applications having sensors such as  GPS, accelerometer, RFID, thermocouple, thermistor, resistive and capacitive touch, flow (gas and fluid), pressure, optics, imaging, acoustic.


Communication has changed our life's perspective . It has become an integral part of  majority of the products today. Our experience will help in using multiple communication protocols in specified systems.


Data Acquisition – High speed signal sampling, packet management, memory buffering schemes, large scale memory and FIFO. Wireless data acquisition offers its own challenges. WIth our NIRS wireless product work, we have maximized medium distance data trasfer at very high speeds.

Analog/Digital : Digital/Analog – Analog to digital and and digital to analog. Maintaining signal and transformation integrity is paramount to a reliable product.

Algorithms and DSP – Signal conditioning, algorithm development and digital signal processing including complex filtering scheme requiring high speed processing capability. TechEn is expert at developing algorithms and filters in areas involving ultrasonic and audio applications, sensor data interpretation, optics and laser signal applications, positional data sets including GPS and optical flow and a wide range of additional categories.

Power Management

Power management is the core to any product that works fine. Creating optimized power supply to the product is a task within a task. In addition, we develop custom power supplies for instrumentation and industrial products.

Human Machine Interface

HMI allows effective operation and control of the machine from the human side, whilst the machine simultaneously feeds back information that aids the operators decision making process. 

Mechanical Design and Development

Designing products for consumer, medical, textile and industrial costumers has been our niche area. We work with the customer to bring out an artistic design, ergonomics and actual usability to the product


Optics, lasers and LEDs – Optical transmitter/receiver systems from ultra-violet to visible to infrared wavelengths including custom laser and infrared systems from brain imaging to proximity detection

LED systems from any color to multi-colored for consumer, industrial and medical market segments.


Ultrasonic emitters and receivers, signal conditioning, audio circuit development, signal filtering and conditioning. Custom circuitry, PCBs using multiple processors including ADI, TI, Freescale, Microchip and others.


Balanced RF power circuits with maximum stability for a wide range of environments, reflectivity reduction and thermal management

Mobile/Tablet Applications

Mobile applications to confirm functionality. We work with industry specific partners to provide complex mobile applications that work seamlessly with your products.

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